Friday, June 22, 2012

For Andrea

Andrea has been asking me to post videos and pictures of Ginny for a while now. I have lots…. I just never seem to have time to post. 

So Andrea this one’s for you. Enjoy!

2012-04-06 13.06.20


2012-03-08 17.34.10

A Slurpee for Two! Open-mouthed smile

2012-05-18 11.31.49

Look at these two cuties!

2012-05-27 18.45.09

I think Yellow is your color

2012-06-01 20.25.35

She’s irresistible isn’t she?

Ginny after a bath, sporting the adorable towel our friend Merle Share made for her. Thanks Merle!


  1. oh yah- yes she is adorable and we can't wait to see her soon :)

  2. Wait, when did she get so big? More pics, please! Ginny is too cute.

  3. ahh thanks! :) love it! where are the videos?? she is SO adorable. and you should totally post the blog link on facebook every time you update so i know!

  4. you blogged! Yay! She is growing up too fast!

  5. She is adorable!!! She is getting so big!! I can't wait to see her. :)