Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bishop Crossen


Dan was called to be Bishop of our ward, Highland Hills on Sunday. He was ordained to be a High Priest by this Father, David Crossen.

Then set apart as Bishop by the Stake President, His father and my father Steve. Steve and Donna flew up from FL special for the occasion. We really appreciate our family’s support.

Visit from Grandma and Pa Thompson

Mom and Dad came for a visit since Dan was being called and set apart as Bishop of our ward. We met Amber and her family at the Tacoma Zoo.

Ginny loves animals. She gets so excited to pet them!


Ginny loves her cousins! They play peek a boo, she chases Spencer around the house and Nate gives her the best hugs!DSC07537

A walk at Titlow beach and park with Grandma and GrandpaDSC07526DSC07530

A day in the life of Ginny Mae

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

10 months

In honor of Ginny turning 10 months (which means…. in 2 months she will be a big whopping 1 year old. sniff sniff.) Where did my tiny baby go?

She's crawling, has 8 teeth and says DadaSo cute to watch her and Dan together.

I plan on getting a professional picture done of her as well as a family portrait. Any suggestions? Never done this before…

So now for an update on our fam:

Dans doing good, working real hard. So good they're adding another dentist in August. If you’re reading this and you are or used to be in the Fort Lauderdale stake, do u know Morgan or Chelsey ball? They were in the Ft Laud stake as well. Morgan will be Dan’s 2nd partner.  

We like Seattle weather for the most part- when it's sunny it's gorgeous here. Unfortunately it's rare. I mean it's June and it's still in the 50s rainy and cold usually. The sites are great, very nature friendly. We love Pike Place and downtown Seattle. The woods here are so fun to hike. I may have become a tree hugger…

Next weekend we're going to Spokane. Eddie, Dan’s brother gets home from his mission. Then Ginny and I'll be visiting my grandparents in Nauvoo for a week. Dan can't come cuz of work, sad...
It was Dans 28th bday yesterday. We went to the Tacoma zoo, saw the Avengers and had dinner at Red Robin. Fun day

…Well friends and fam… I know I don’t blog often, so that's me filling u in haha or should I say overloading… Enjoy!

PS. How early can I start teaching Ginny to swim? I bought her the cutest bathing suit!!

Wanna hear the cutest baby laugh in the world?

These videos are from March and April. Her laugh is so cute I couldn’t help myself! She started trying to crawl in April. Now she is a speed demon, bookin’ it around the house chasing our cats.

Friday, June 22, 2012

For Andrea

Andrea has been asking me to post videos and pictures of Ginny for a while now. I have lots…. I just never seem to have time to post. 

So Andrea this one’s for you. Enjoy!

2012-04-06 13.06.20


2012-03-08 17.34.10

A Slurpee for Two! Open-mouthed smile

2012-05-18 11.31.49

Look at these two cuties!

2012-05-27 18.45.09

I think Yellow is your color

2012-06-01 20.25.35

She’s irresistible isn’t she?

Ginny after a bath, sporting the adorable towel our friend Merle Share made for her. Thanks Merle!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dr. Dan Crossen

So this is late in coming, like usual, but I wanted to post some pictures of Dan at his new office. We moved here in September but because of delays in construction, we didn’t open his office until just about a month ago. And he and his partner, Craig, are doing great! The Franchise owner says they are the fastest growing office ever! So congratulations to Dan the Dentist!


Hi! my name is Dr. Dan. Welcome to my office.

Please have a seat. This won’t hurt a bit…


Do you recognize these ginnie pigs? Yep that’s right, that’s Patrick and Ping. How brave….


Hmm well from these x-rays it looks like we’re going to have to pull all your teeth… sorry


oh really? that’s fine. I didn’t want hem anyway Smile

chocolate? What chocolate?


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Remembering Aunt Jennie Ogden

I wasn’t able to attend my Aunt Jennie’s funeral this week. But she was in my heart and mind all day Monday. She passed away last Wednesday after fighting cancer for almost 3 years.

I am so glad I took the time to get to know her before she passed away. She lived only 1 hour away from me my whole life almost and I didn’t even know what I was missing. Out of all my great aunts, she is the most like my grandmother Wampler. She was fun, energetic, loved to laugh. She had beautiful blond-red hair. She was warm, caring and very thoughtful.

She had the most faith of any person I have ever known. She was very spiritual and even though she was so fragile and in pain, even at the end, she cheered everyone that knew her.

One day when Grandma Wampler and I went to visit her before I moved to Tacoma Washington Jennie asked me where I thought Lou (my great Aunt Eve’s husband) went after he died. He was Catholic and that seemed to worry her. I bore my testimony to her on God’s merciful plan on salvation. I told her that Lou went back to that God who gave him life, just like we all do. That God loves ALL his children the same and even after death, He will still give them the opportunity to know Him and accept His gospel plan. She said that gave her peace. That was the last conversation we had.

I heard this song yesterday by Carrie Underwood and it reminded me of you Jennie. God Bless you. I’ll know I’ll see you again someday.

“This is My Temporary Home”

(Lyrics Below)

Little Boy, 6 Years Old
A Little Too Used To Bein' Alone.
Another New Mom And Dad,another School,
Another House That'll Never Be Home.
When People Ask Him How He Likes This Place...
He Looks Up And Says, With A Smile Upon His Face,

"This Is My Temporary Home
It's Not Where I Belong.
Windows And Rooms That I'm Passin' Through.
This Is Just A Stop, On The Way To Where I'm Going.
I'm Not Afraid Because I Know This Is My
Temporary Home."

Young Mom On Her Own.
She Needs A Little Help, Got Nowhere To Go.
She's Lookin' For A Job, Lookin' For A Way Out,
Because A Half-way House Will Never Be A Home.
At Night She Whispers To Her Baby Girl,
"Someday We'll Find Our Place Here In This World."

"This Is Our Temporary Home.
It's Not Where We Belong.
Windows And Rooms That We're Passin' Through.
This Is Just A Stop, On The Way To Where We're Going.
I'm Not Afraid Because I Know This Is Our
Temporary Home."

Old Man, Hospital Bed,
The Room Is Filled With People He Loves.
And He Whispers Don't Cry For Me,
I'll See You All Someday.
He Looks Up And Says, "I Can See God's Face."

"This Is My Temporary Home
It's Not Where I Belong.
Windows And Rooms That I'm Passin' Through.
This Was Just A Stop,on The Way To Where I'm Going.
I'm Not Afraid Because I Know... This Was
My Temporary Home."

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spencer Peek-a-boo

So now that Amber and Ben moved to Washington and became our neighbors we get to see them all the time and Ginny is getting to know her cousins. Aren’t the three of them adorable? Peek-a-boo!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ginny Mae’s First Christmas


Here She is in her first Christmas outfit!


Don’t let my lack of blogging fool you. I have been very good at taking pictures of all her latest milestones. Her smiles, lifting her head up. I plan on getting a video of her rolling over and sitting up…


I know I want to squeeze the one in the middle Smile


Here she’s wearing her new empress shoes from Patrick and Ping. so cute!


Here she is in candy cane dress with her first Christmas ornament and a toy from Aunt Ann Marie and Uncle Larry.


And NOW for the main event. As a very special Christmas present, here is Ginny Mae’s crib. This crib has heirloom value. This crib was given to us by Dan’s parents and through Dan’s hard work, it has been renovated into this adorable bed for his baby girl. so sweet.

And Uncle Patrick came to visit us this Christmas. While he spent the week with us, he painted this for Ginny Mae on her crib. We call her several nick names and Monkey Mae is one of them. What a sweet uncle huh and what a wonderful gift for her first Christmas from her daddy and uncle.


For New Year’s we went to visit Dan’s parents in Spokane, WA. Now they’re only 5 hours away. Here is Ginny Mae with her Grandma Crossen. Wow she must love Grandma! Open-mouthed smile


We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. It is so wonderful to be parents. We are loving every minute of it.

Look for more update posts on Ginny coming up!