Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My 1st Root Canal!

Click on the pic and you can zoom in and see my cavity circled on the x-rays!

We both went to the dentist.
Dan had perfect teeth of course
and I need a root canal.
I am scared I've never had one before.
I will be so happy when dan's a dentist
and can fix all my teeth. :(

Chili Cook Off!

Ben risked his life at the Swap Shop to
find the 'Hottest Peppers in Existence'
Then Dan used them to make a chili
for our Pioneer Day Chili Cook Off.

Unfortunately we didn't realize that the oils
from the jalapeno peppers would burn so badly...
As he cooked he wiped his face, etc and
had to rub baking soda all over
to balance out the Ph. Ouch! Poor Guy!

Pioneers What? what?
We get dooowwwwnnnn on Pioneer Day!

Ready? Set? GO Human Guinea Pigs!!!
Pie Throw! Watch Out Peter George!!

Benton and Dan- three legged speed demons!
so fast they're a blurr! haha

Pioneers nailed lots of boards... I guess?? haha

Rebecca and Alana hammering away!

Human Wheel Barrowers Anonymous!

Human Wheel Barrow AfterMath

Dan was such a fast wheel barrow
that he rubbed his hands raw! oucch!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy FOURTH of July Everyone!!

We went to Naples, FL to visit my family for the holiday
weekend.We also invited our friends, Joe, Melissa and
their son Tommy to come along and my parents
graciously opened their house up to them. so sweet... ;)

Andrea, me and Dan- cool picture
but weird effects on the clouds and our heads...

Our Trip to Forks, WA

La Push Beach at Sunset!
Beautiful and Romantic isn't it? ;)


Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Terror Continues! ahhhh! haha

Edward We love you! AHHHHHhhh! haha
This is a little late but I had to scan everything.
So when we visited Janet, David and family in WA
we went on a mini road trip to Forks, where the
gushy girl romance novel that my sisters love-
the'Twilight' Series- was set.
Check out the hilariously funny stuff below!

Check out these ads- it seems every store slogan is about Twilight! wow!
And there were some seriously funny ones!

8.5 vampires... that .5 part very creepy!

Here is a map of Forks, copy it and enlarge to view all the sites from book.

Dan turns the BIG 25! A Quarter of a Century!!

I threw a surprise birthday party for Dan
(my first attempt ever!!!)
I suggested he should play 'Diplomacy' with some friends
that weekend and that kept him busy
and distracted all that week.. hehehe
I did an Open invite to his school and church friends.
We didn't know we were so popular! haha
We had around 30 people and
Dad had to make a couple runs to Publix,
but it was wonderful to see Dan so happy!!

It was fun but a ton of work... I don't think I'll be doing
another for quite some time. ;)


Joe, Melissa and Tommy

Dan, Sean, Jeff, Tapa and Morgan

Christie and Janelle

Chelsey and Lara

President Michaud, Chris and Peter