Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ginny Mae’s First Christmas


Here She is in her first Christmas outfit!


Don’t let my lack of blogging fool you. I have been very good at taking pictures of all her latest milestones. Her smiles, lifting her head up. I plan on getting a video of her rolling over and sitting up…


I know I want to squeeze the one in the middle Smile


Here she’s wearing her new empress shoes from Patrick and Ping. so cute!


Here she is in candy cane dress with her first Christmas ornament and a toy from Aunt Ann Marie and Uncle Larry.


And NOW for the main event. As a very special Christmas present, here is Ginny Mae’s crib. This crib has heirloom value. This crib was given to us by Dan’s parents and through Dan’s hard work, it has been renovated into this adorable bed for his baby girl. so sweet.

And Uncle Patrick came to visit us this Christmas. While he spent the week with us, he painted this for Ginny Mae on her crib. We call her several nick names and Monkey Mae is one of them. What a sweet uncle huh and what a wonderful gift for her first Christmas from her daddy and uncle.


For New Year’s we went to visit Dan’s parents in Spokane, WA. Now they’re only 5 hours away. Here is Ginny Mae with her Grandma Crossen. Wow she must love Grandma! Open-mouthed smile


We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. It is so wonderful to be parents. We are loving every minute of it.

Look for more update posts on Ginny coming up!