Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sleepy Time

Fred (blue collar) & George (black collar)
are cute all the time.
But I especially love how absolutely adorable
they are when they sleep.
And check out their hilarious sleeping positions!

Look at our little spooners haha
Is Fred smiling or is it just me? ;)

haha how did they get in here? They're tiny...

Can you see the poka-dots on their tummies? ahhhh

Play Time

Fred and George have lots of games:
the ball of yarn, balloons, and tag.
My favorite to watch is hide and seek.
They take turns hiding in the funniest places-
behind me- ahh!, pillows, wall corners, their toys...

Here Fred is hiding behind a curtain
while George stalks him. haha

Friday, August 7, 2009

Key West Rocks!

We took a day trip to Key West FL
this week for a mini-vacation.
FL has the most beautiful sunsets in the world!
The new Pirate Museum was our favorite!
So many ancient pirate artifacts!

Help ME!!

Can you say you've been to Mile 0?
Where the US of A begins...

Welcome to DownTown Key West!

Ahh! Look out for the Sponge Man!!!

Key West Key Lime Pie on a stick!
Yum! These are the best popsicles ever!!

Bouquets of flowers made of shells!
Very Cool!

Malory's Square has a ton of cool shops.
Our favorite is the shell store in the Sponge Market.

The Shipwreck Museum was interesting-
Did you know Key West was a town
of wreckers and salvagers?

Here's some views from the tower
of the Shipwreck Museum.

Our Red Headed Twins!!

We adopted two American shorthair kittens from the Broward County Pound yesterday!
Here are their original ID info.
We changed their names to Fred and George.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

We played so much we fell asleep....
Ahhh my boys... how cute!

Our little kitties! Aren't they adorable!
They're from the same litter and are brothers.
Both are orange tiger short hairs
and have green eyes.
Which is Fred? George?
Can YOU tell?