Friday, May 6, 2011

Baby Girl 23 weeks

This is our baby girl at 23 weeks 2 days. Isn’t she beautiful? And she’s so strong. I’ve gone through so much physically so far in this pregnancy but she has remained healthy through it all.

So the 1st pic below is a profile view of her cute lil nose and lips. She’s gonna be a hottie….


Another profile pic below but I love this one cuz it shows her head and especially her little hand.

Cute story: When we were doing the ultrasound last time, every time the sonographer tried to get a pic of her face, she would cover her face with her hands. So eventually we had to trick her and take pics of other parts and then really fast come back to the face, and we got one! haha She’s smart…


I really like this pic below because she’s about to suck her thumb. Yea you see the thumb? That thing about to go into her mouth! haha So cute.


(Below) Just so there’s no confusion the doc labeled it for you all… haha


Another funny story about the above pic is that the sonographer kept commenting on what a cute bum the baby had and so naturally I said “I guess it’s genetic.” Winking smile She laughed so hard she had to stop the ultrasound for a second. haha


Here’s a pic of her spine and the best pic we could get of her whole body.

So we can’t decide on a name. We NEED YOUR HELP! We have two potential names. Please place your vote and help us decide. Open-mouthed smile

Your Voting Options:

1. Virginia Mae (Ginny Mae) and yes we know Harry Potter’s girlfriend is named Ginny haha

2. AdaMarie (first name, no middle)