Friday, May 6, 2011

Baby Girl 23 weeks

This is our baby girl at 23 weeks 2 days. Isn’t she beautiful? And she’s so strong. I’ve gone through so much physically so far in this pregnancy but she has remained healthy through it all.

So the 1st pic below is a profile view of her cute lil nose and lips. She’s gonna be a hottie….


Another profile pic below but I love this one cuz it shows her head and especially her little hand.

Cute story: When we were doing the ultrasound last time, every time the sonographer tried to get a pic of her face, she would cover her face with her hands. So eventually we had to trick her and take pics of other parts and then really fast come back to the face, and we got one! haha She’s smart…


I really like this pic below because she’s about to suck her thumb. Yea you see the thumb? That thing about to go into her mouth! haha So cute.


(Below) Just so there’s no confusion the doc labeled it for you all… haha


Another funny story about the above pic is that the sonographer kept commenting on what a cute bum the baby had and so naturally I said “I guess it’s genetic.” Winking smile She laughed so hard she had to stop the ultrasound for a second. haha


Here’s a pic of her spine and the best pic we could get of her whole body.

So we can’t decide on a name. We NEED YOUR HELP! We have two potential names. Please place your vote and help us decide. Open-mouthed smile

Your Voting Options:

1. Virginia Mae (Ginny Mae) and yes we know Harry Potter’s girlfriend is named Ginny haha

2. AdaMarie (first name, no middle)


  1. Wampler votes for AdaMarie says he likes Jennifer or Jennie :)
    Your mother likes either one- Ginny or Ada are both cute!

  2. She's so beautiful!!!!! Virginia Mae. ;)

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  4. If I had to choose between the names you've given, it would be Virginia Mae.

    I would recommend getting (buy/borrow) a baby name book. Although Ada is a family name, I think it sounds a little dated to be a first name. I'm sure you and Dan will pick the perfect name. ;)

    Here's a good link with some ideas:

  5. crack me up! I LOVE old fashioned names and they are making a comeback right now. I like the ring of Virginia Mae. I also like the fact that this name allows you to use a nickname like Ginny. I always envied kids that had nicknames for some reason, so both my boys have names that allow for that...hahaha! Ada is pretty too, but I would like it better alone, with Marie as the middle name. Sooooo, I'd go with Virginia Mae. LOVE it! ♥
    Little Ginny Crossen :)

  6. Oooops...that was NOT Ben who commented last...but Amber. I accidently used his account. Sorry! hahaha. P.S.- Phil and Dad didn't like our choice of name for Spencer Rhys (pronounced like Reese), so be prepared for some backlash...just go with your gut and pick what you like in the end!


  7. CUTE AUDREY!!! your little baby is a cutie :D

  8. Ohhh Audrey!! She is so perfect and beautiful! I can't wait to see her! About the names, I believe I like Virginia Mae better, but that's just me. ;) I have a thing for very unique names...I like when you don't get confuse with somebody else who has the same name as you. I'm sure you guys will pick just the perfect name for your beautiful daughter!! :)


  9. I was just thinking...

    The initials A.D.A = American Dental Association so maybe you could have a little "in" joke there. You could also spell it "adah." ;)

    @Amber: Backlash? How so? I was just giving my opinion. I like Virginia Mae over AdaMarie.

    Also I think Spencer Rhys is a great name. When did I say otherwise?

  10. worries Phil. It's not a big deal. I just remember when we chose the name, Dad and you were on the phone and you started teasing us and giving us a hard time about Rhys. You don't remember that?

  11. wow- all this fun over a few names (hah) I'm just happy for a new grand daughter so I'm patiently waiting :)