Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Terror Continues! ahhhh! haha

Edward We love you! AHHHHHhhh! haha
This is a little late but I had to scan everything.
So when we visited Janet, David and family in WA
we went on a mini road trip to Forks, where the
gushy girl romance novel that my sisters love-
the'Twilight' Series- was set.
Check out the hilariously funny stuff below!

Check out these ads- it seems every store slogan is about Twilight! wow!
And there were some seriously funny ones!

8.5 vampires... that .5 part very creepy!

Here is a map of Forks, copy it and enlarge to view all the sites from book.


  1. Hahahahaha that's hilarious!!!!! look at your face!! are suppose to enjoy the bite!hahaha...and Dan had to be more like Edward to bite you!! you guys are missing the romantic point!!hahaha...but you are definitely the funny version haha :D
    That's so cool guys!!!