Saturday, June 23, 2012

10 months

In honor of Ginny turning 10 months (which means…. in 2 months she will be a big whopping 1 year old. sniff sniff.) Where did my tiny baby go?

She's crawling, has 8 teeth and says DadaSo cute to watch her and Dan together.

I plan on getting a professional picture done of her as well as a family portrait. Any suggestions? Never done this before…

So now for an update on our fam:

Dans doing good, working real hard. So good they're adding another dentist in August. If you’re reading this and you are or used to be in the Fort Lauderdale stake, do u know Morgan or Chelsey ball? They were in the Ft Laud stake as well. Morgan will be Dan’s 2nd partner.  

We like Seattle weather for the most part- when it's sunny it's gorgeous here. Unfortunately it's rare. I mean it's June and it's still in the 50s rainy and cold usually. The sites are great, very nature friendly. We love Pike Place and downtown Seattle. The woods here are so fun to hike. I may have become a tree hugger…

Next weekend we're going to Spokane. Eddie, Dan’s brother gets home from his mission. Then Ginny and I'll be visiting my grandparents in Nauvoo for a week. Dan can't come cuz of work, sad...
It was Dans 28th bday yesterday. We went to the Tacoma zoo, saw the Avengers and had dinner at Red Robin. Fun day

…Well friends and fam… I know I don’t blog often, so that's me filling u in haha or should I say overloading… Enjoy!

PS. How early can I start teaching Ginny to swim? I bought her the cutest bathing suit!!


  1. It's not usually this cold this time of year! Brrrr.

  2. Its never too early to teach swimming! She is so big and you guys look so cute. Congrats on Dan being bishop - its an honor and a lot of work. Love, Jed and Jenny Harris