Monday, March 19, 2012

Dr. Dan Crossen

So this is late in coming, like usual, but I wanted to post some pictures of Dan at his new office. We moved here in September but because of delays in construction, we didn’t open his office until just about a month ago. And he and his partner, Craig, are doing great! The Franchise owner says they are the fastest growing office ever! So congratulations to Dan the Dentist!


Hi! my name is Dr. Dan. Welcome to my office.

Please have a seat. This won’t hurt a bit…


Do you recognize these ginnie pigs? Yep that’s right, that’s Patrick and Ping. How brave….


Hmm well from these x-rays it looks like we’re going to have to pull all your teeth… sorry


oh really? that’s fine. I didn’t want hem anyway Smile


  1. ahh.... funny I was wondering how you got shots of people in the chairs and then I realized- family (hah) Dan looks very offical.

  2. woohoo! congrats to dan & craig! lol your post totally made me laugh - love the commentary to go with the pics :)