Sunday, July 11, 2010

Let the Pioneer Games Begin!

Haha! Hi Chip munk cheeks...

Candle making just like the pioneers!

Hand Wrestling- Sierra Wangeman was really good, got to the semi-finals round for the two stakes :D

Chris Rincon, one of our Stake Presidency's daughters laid the smack down and became the Hand Wrestling Champ for the women! whew!

As you can see below I was quite impressed with her thwomping skills...

Our Son Johnny was bested by the Male Hand Wrestling champ (Trekky, another boy from our stake) but what a way to go! haha You can just hear the thud as he lands can't you?

Women's Stick Pull- here's one of our Trek Daughters, Taylor Brown and Andrea Rincon. They were at it for almost 10 minutes...

Our Son Sammy (in hat) put up a good fight...

And I did too I swear! haha I never let go of the stick during the pull, she pulled me right on top of her haha

Dan and I were meant for agile, swift sports, not sports built for bulk and brute strength... ;)


  1. love the expressions! Thanks for posting :)

  2. Good pictures. At our last pioneer trek, a Wagner boy went goose stepping off with the Mormon battalion and a forward out stretched arm. Scott was upset that they didn't let their group run the hand cart. They were the 1st family.