Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kennedy Space Center

We had a two week vacation this summer and on our way up to visit Marty and Merle Share in Waynesville, North Carolina, we stopped at the Kennedy Space Center.

It was amazing. Only $40 and we had a day at the Space Center complete with a full day of amusement park style attractions and rides along with great historical and scientific tours and artifacts. It was wonderful for us to see real rockets and shuttles, to experience a shuttle launch and feel the inspiration and honor of space travel.
My absolute favorite part was learning about all the science they have been doing on the international space station. They can grow plants in space now, experiment on drugs and diseases that couldn't be tested on earth because of gravity and other restrictions. They have found cures to various cancers and developed many new technologies from advances in space travel: from ear drums to roadway traction at airports, much of our nations best technological advances have come from the Nasa Shuttle Program.
It was awe inspiring and I encourage any who can to be there for the last two shuttle launches- one this year and one at the beginning of next year. These are the last two, because President Obama is shutting down the Space Shuttle Program. I hope our next President brings it back and the Nasa scientists can continue their great work.


  1. i had no idea all they were doing up there. Way cool.

  2. sorry- thought I had commented long ago- thanks for posting. Glad you had fun!