Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter 2013!
Ginny went on three different Easter egg hunts- one at a friend's house,
one at church and a community one! Whew she got a lot of eggs :) very fun.
We did film her opening her easter basket with her dad. She got a train made of blocks, toy animals, and a care bear movie. But since I'm not good at posting video here are some cute pics instead.
Here is Ginny tilting her little head looking at the Easter bunny...

 And here she is deciding she likes him and wants to give him a hug.
For the next 10 minutes she kept following him around,
giving him hugs in between all the other children taking pictures.


  1. very cute..... I think she is like her mother :)
    (not afraid of anything)

  2. Cute! It's a good thing she decided she liked the bunny :)

    Side note - Here is my blog as promised weeks ago

  3. That bunny would have scared me!

  4. Just visited your site to see what you were up to. She is so cute! I love her brown pants. Jed says hi to your hubby too.