Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Girls Camp Countdown begins… 7 days

Now that I’m starting to feel better at 15 weeks, I can concentrate on my Stake Girls Camp calling. I have been way behind because all I wanted to do was lay down and drink ginger ale haha. But I am so happy.

This year our theme is IRON Young Women Hold to the Rod. We are focusing on Lehi’s dream and the Tree of Life. We are so excited! We’re doing High Cope, a Tree of Life experience complete with a lit up Tree, as well as tons of fun activities like water fights, Tomahawk competitions, canoe races, and ward impromptu skits.

Since this is my last year as the Fort Lauderdale Stake Camp Director, I plan on making it the best yet, despite the fact that I feel so pregnant.

Speaking of being pregnant, they say with twins you’re body grows faster/feels more intense and you feel like you’re farther along than you really are. Dan says even though I’m only 15 weeks, 3 1/2 months, I look much farther. We’ll see what the OB says today! :D