Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where should we live? Take a Poll

The last two days have been absolutely beautiful! We had a cold front come through that dropped the temp to 55 degrees! yahoo! It reminded Dan and I how much we love cooler weather and the seasons.

So now this realization has raised a problem for us and we need all your help: Where should we live? Here are the options. We have about a year left to decide. :D
1. (Well since we're already so close) SW FL. It's gorgeous and lots of old people's teeth to fix. ;) Not to mention some really amazing people live here. :)

2. Seattle WA. Also a beautiful place, that secretly has great weather- despite all the tales you've heard about it raining all the time.
3. Asheville, NC: Could this be the middle ground we are all looking for? Mountains, Forests, Country festivals and fairs, The 4 Seasons and relatively close to some family... Did I mention it's gorgeous?

4. Abroad: Asia? Hen Hao!! Dan is currently applying for the army to help repay our loans. And if we get the option we want, we'll be banking! ya! We could also choose to work abroad for those years he works as an army dentist.

So there are the choices! Let the battle of wills begin!! Please post your ideas, suggestions and choices! Who ever makes the best argument will help decide our fates!


  1. Carola has an excellent idea for you guys!!!! What about CALIFORNIA!! I think that it's an awesome idea :) You got a lot of people that need dentist (in my little town there is no even 1 dentist all of us have to go to other cities.
    The most important thing about this idea it's that you would be close to US!! of course :) and Ashley and Clint travel all the time here. Dan's family is really close by. You can drive to Provo to the football games or general conference whenever you want. Patrick will eventually be back and you know that he will live here. That way we are all close together so we can have an awesome Thanksgiving!!! Ahhh!! I forgot to tell you, that we DO have seasons and state parks to visit...and beautiful beaches...and fun places to go....etc, etc....I think this is the winner!!!

  2. wow- I see Carola is on the move :) Of course I want you to be happy but also want to see you. Abroad- would be a challenge. Florida- since your parents live there :) or North Carolina would be pretty. But I know you will find the answer!

  3. Well so far Carola is winning. ;)

  4. From: Janelle-
    I'm not enitrely objective when it comes to this because I want you to stay here. I know, however, that probably won't happen and so I'll attempt to swallow my grief and carry on. ;) I'm intrigued by the idea of North Carolina-- it seems beautiful and quaint and still close enough to see you guys every once in a while. Besides, you have to come down for the temple dedication!!

  5. Papa T (Dad)says:when Dan is in the Army, I recommend Europe (i.e. Germany) for instance if Amber and Ben end up in England it would be cool for you to visit each other....
    After the Army, Naples is best, ignore the rest....hahahaha

  6. I told Audrey we should live in Nebraska so that we can be right in the middle of both of our families. I wonder why that's not one of the options??

  7. I vote asia or florida. I envy your weather. but it would be so super awesome to live foreign for a while.

    If you do end up in WA, we may see you a few christmases. That's where Dustin's from, and yes, in his opinion, it really does rain too much. So... we'll never live there. Oh well. '

    Can't wait to see what you decide!

  8. #1: SEATTLE, #2: NC, #3: ASIA/EUROPE. dont listen to mom and carola audg and dan! hahaha they will corrupt ur minds! and carola: u want everyone to move to california! what ever you do dont stay in FL please please please :D

  9. Definitely San Diego!! It should really be on your list as #1! Why you ask?
    1. Chase and I live here!
    2. The weather is PERFECT!
    3. If you moved to NC you may end up with a drawl..
    4. We will make you guys dinner...once or twice!
    5. Chase and I live here!
    6. We can have Rockband parties!
    7. According to the US census, not as many registered sex offenders live in San Diego in comparison to FL or southern states...
    8. Refer to #5...
    9. It rains too much in Seattle.
    10.If you lived in Asia you would be subjected to eating rice with every meal....